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Founded by Richard J. Samora(Director)  and Rafael Reyes (sub Director)  Solar Cell Power Corporation is a young company servicing solar industry in Florida and open to expand our horizons where may be need it. Despite of our youth as a company, our complete staff has the experience and knowledge to become a lead operation in the solar industry.

Understanding the nature of this business we are proud to choose this path to serve the future of renewable and sustainable sources of energy, supporting our help with professionalism and following safety practices in our workplace.

  • Richard Samora (President) 
  • Rafael Reyes (Vice President) 
  • Richard J. Escovar  S. (Safety Director) 

Our Mission

The mission of Solar Cell Power Corp is dedication to the highest quality of service delivered with sense of individual pride, safety practices and promoting clean energy source as the definitive answer to global warming.