Safety First

Health and Safety Plan Topics

Health & Safety Plan

This is our guide to safety , all current employee has visit and receive safety orientations periodically. 


You must follow all OSHA standards, state safety regulations, federal safety laws and standards, SOLAR CELL POWER CORP. safety policies, and customer safety rules. A more stringent policy will apply if there is a conflict between the customer, SOLAR CELL POWER CORP., the Subcontractor, or OSHA requirements. Ask your supervisor or site safety for more information about our safety programs or policies. or click the Health & Safety Plan  broshure. 

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Meeting of constructors


All Personnel onsite must attend and participate in weekly safety meetings scheduled by Management and participate in daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) meetings. All SOLAR CELL POWER CORP. and Subcontractor Management and Safety Personnel will be required to participate in weekly Safety Audits and Plan Of the Day Meetings.

Safety Incident Checklist

  • If safe to do so, bring the injured employee into the first aid office for evaluation and to provide potential  first aid
  • Call (or have someone call) a SCP Safety Manager. ( Richard Javier . Escovar Samora) 954-297-0387 . 
  • If no one can be reached, you may begin first aid while someone continues to try and reach SCP Management
  • NEVER take it upon yourself to make the determination to go to the clinic or ER despite what the employee might say. There are strict guidelines that must be followed regarding providing First Aid and proper case management.
  • After beginning the first aid process, and once the employee is stable and calm, begin getting all information including their name, their task, their supervisor, when and where the incident or injury occurred, and what was affected. i.e. (Body part injured/Equipment damaged) and finally, contact information for the employee so that they may be cheated on after work hours. In addition, you should give them the contact information of a SOLAR CELL POWER CORP. Safety Manager or another OEPCOM employee.
  • After first aid is complete, determine with the SOLAR CELL POWER CORP.Safety Manager if further treatment is needed by a medical professional (Do this.n private so as to not alarm the employee or anyone else that may be present)
  • If it is determined that further treatment is needed, you will need to get an SCP employee to accompany the employee to the occupational clinic or  use the transit time to build a relationship with the employee and to inform them that their interests are i.n mind as well as those of the company. If this stage is reached, it is very important to follow all instructions given to you by a SCP safety person, who if possible, will be en route to meet you and the employee at the clinic or ER.
  • If it is determined that the employee does not need further treatment, you will give them all the necessary supplies for their continued self-treatment such as over-the-counter pain medicine,!

ice packs or heating pads etc.

  • After a case is complete, it is important to make sure and check on the employee once they have left the site and returned home and over the weekend as well if the incident happens prior to an extended period off.

If the incident is life-threatening. call 911 as well as  SCP  safety person or other OEPCOM employee